PWRFUL Wrist Wraps – Black

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YiCompete has improved on the regular wrist wrap in every aspect. YiCompete has made improvements to logos, special thumbloop, the material, and added a new antibacterial bag for carrying convenience. This New PWRFUL double strength material wrap provides the perfect combo of softness with stretch, while still having enough stiffness to provide maximum support. New double strength material is the softest, strongest with the most stretch. This is the perfect wrap for the most revolutions, while not irritating skin. All while being the coolest looking wraps on the market!!

Introducing the YiCompete PWRFUL Wrist Wraps:

  • 24 inches in length
  • Made of a specific stiff poly/cotton blend (almost 4 years in the making now)
  • Official YiC 3D Logo
  • Official YiCompete PWRFUL logo on the Velcro Straps
  • New thumb loop complete with the YiCompete logo in the material (first on the market)
  • Provides maximum support to prevent or help with injury
  • Perfect combination of a softer material wrists wrap that are still stiff enough to handle max weight
  • Designed for everyday use without irritation
  • Hand wash, air dry