PWRFUL Knee Sleeves

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The YiCompete PWRFUL Knee Sleeves are designed absolute PWR and comfort just like the PWRFUL Elbow Sleeves. This true 7mm design is the best design and 3 years in the making. These are made with specific dimensions to make them different than any other sleeve out there. Made with the highest quality material, a new antibacterial coating, the best stitching on the market and then covered with the special elastic piece complete with the YiCompete logo (first on the market) and complete with a YiCompete antibacterial mesh bag for convenience.

  • 7mm thick
  • Provides the most protection available
  • Antibacterial outside cover
  • Antibacterial carrying bag (first on the market)
  • One of a kind design with logo on the red stripe on the top side (first on the market)
  • Sleek new design and logo placement
  • Specific overall dimensions to totally make them different than others
  • Best combo of comfort and support
  • Designed to be worn the whole workout


Sizing Chart for YiCompete PWRFUL Knee Sleeves (measure biggest part of leg and compare)
Small: 22-24 inches
Medium: 24-26 inches
Large: 26-28 inches
Extra Large: 28-30 inches
XXL: 30-32 inches
XXXL: 32-34 inches


2X, 3X, Large, Medium, Small, XL