COMPETE Elbow Sleeves

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The YiCompete COMPETE Elbow Sleeves are designed absolute PWR and comfort just like the COMPETE KNEE Sleeves. This true 7mm design is the best design and 4 years in the making. These are made with specific dimensions to make them different than any other sleeve out there. Made with the highest quality material, a new antibacterial coating, the best stitching on the market and then covered with the special elastic piece complete with the YiCompete logo (first on the market) and complete with a YiCompete antibacterial mesh bag for convenience. These sleeves are designed to form not stretch to each specific arm. The Red Logo Stripe goes to up because these sleeves are designed for each specific arm. If you are wanting the most power out of a pair of elbow sleeves, if you are wanting bigger bench, shoulder press or more numbers to any pressing exercise with the most protection then the YiCompete COMPETE ELBOW SLEEVES are for you!

  • 7mm thick
  • Add more PWR to your lifts
  • Provides the most protection available
  • Antibacterial outside cover
  • Antibacterial carrying bag (first on the market)
  • One of a kind design with logo on the red stripe on the top side (first on the market)
  • Sleek new design and logo placement
  • Specific overall dimensions to totally make them different than others
  • Best combo of comfort and support
  • Designed to be worn the whole workout


Sizing Chart for YiCompete COMPETE Elbow Sleeves (measure biggest part of bicep flexed and compare)
Small: 12-13.5 inches
Medium: 13.75-15 inches
Large: 15.25-16.5 inches
Extra Large: 16.75-18 inches (OUT OF STOCK)
XXL: 18.25-19.75 inches (OUT OF STOCK)
XXXL: 20-21.5 inches (OUT OF STOCK)


2X, 3X, 4X, Large, Medium, Small, XL